TiltaFun: Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You


A new iPhone game is coming out from On The Rocks Productions and from what I’ve seen so far from the previews it looks like a lot of fun. The game is called TiltaFun and is a simple game that takes full advantage of the iPhone’s sensors to create an intuitive gaming experience.

Tiltafun is a simple, entertaining game for all age groups. Easy to play, yet difficult to master. With 10 worlds each containing 5 levels you can increase your skills and keep playing for a long time, before mastering the game.

TiltaFun takes you on the journey of a candy monster that rolls around to avoid obstacles and collect sweet. Take a look at the following preview video (via Vimeo):

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Tiltafun Teaser from On The Rocks on Vimeo.


The scheduled release for this game is today, so stay tuned to its release in the App Store!