Updated Rogers Data Plans Coming March 18th

For all you users on Rogers and you want a data plan for your iPhone, it’s going to cost ya. Even though Rogers recently came out with an “unlimited mobile browsing” plan for $7, it does not apply to non-Rogers cellphones!

If you are using a data plan with Rogers, it can get VERY expensive. Take a look at the following example posted by a reader of iPhone in Canada:

  • Just got off the phone with Rogers “Customer Service”. I traveled to Germany and used my iPhone for just two days. Rogers charged me for 22 MB on these two days $1148. In my opinion this is ridiculous! If I wouldn’t have stopped using my Rogers phone after two days and used it for the rest of my stay (14 days) my phone bill would be $8036… just for data usage. At Rogers they think this is a valid price. I am recommending everybody with a similar experience to call Customer Service and be tough! Don’t speak to normal call center staff. Ask for a supervisor. I got a 50% discount on the data bill. That’s still more than $25 per megabyte. Compared to the $3 per megabyte for over plan usage a total rip-off. If I would treat my customers that way… I would be bankrupt within no time.

Yes, that’s right…roaming overseas with Rogers and using your data can be costly! The above works out to $52.18/megabyte! That is just absolute craziness! I was shocked when I read this, but not surprised. iPhone users in Canada are longing for a change in pricing plans…which looks like it could be coming on March 18th according to O_ssie from HowardForums. He posted the following information yesterday:

Effective March 18th 2008 (Preliminary updates:
Unlim WAP = $7
Unlim Vision WAP = $7 – 3 yr term with DECF (Data Early Cancellation Fee)

Non-Rogers & WM Data & Tethering – 3 yr term with DECF
$15 – 20MB ~ Tier 1
$30 – 20MB to 60MB ~ Tier 2
$50 – 60MB to 500MB ~ Tier 3
$65 – 500MB to 1GB ~ Tier 4
$75 – 1GB to 2GB ~ Tier 5
$85 – 2GB to 3GB ~ Tier 6
$100 – 3GB to 5GB ~ Tier 7
$0.03 per additional MB
*Note: Everyone starts off at the $15 plan and based on usage, you move up the tiers


So there you have it…the last time O_ssie posted about upcoming changes to data plans, he was correct. So right now we’re assuming that hopefully this post will also come true! By all means, these prices are not great at all–but they are a start in the right direction. I’m still dreaming of a $15 unlimited data plan, like all you lucky Telus users out there. Could you imagine having that on your iPhone? Now that would be incredible!

What data plan are you guys using on your iPhones?

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