Yahoo Parent Removes Canada-Specific Clause Over Rogers Email Privacy Complaints

Last month, after Rogers email customers began getting notified from partner Oath (parent company of Yahoo Email) about a new privacy policy, customers started complaining about their data heading south of the border.

For customers with a free email address, the latter is powered by partner Yahoo Email. When these customers logged in last month, there were forced to agree to new Oath terms, which stated the latter could analyze “content and information” from Rogers users and their email accounts.

Now, according to The Canadian Press, The Office of the Privacy Commissioner confirmed today Oath agreed to remove Canada-specific clauses from their user agreement, to satisfy privacy concerns from Rogers users, who did not want have data from contacts, such as phone numbers, shared with the American multinational.

Rogers told the Press in a statement, they were “pleased it was removed,” adding “We are working with our customers to address their questions and help them use Yahoo’s opt-out settings to customize their email preferences.”

The privacy commissioner’s office also confirmed it had launched an investigation into Rogers, Oath and Yahoo, over the incident.

“Upon further review, we’ve removed this section of our terms of service as the functionality does not currently exist in our product offerings,” said Oath in a statement.

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