SaskTel Launches 4G Push-to-Talk Network Using Kodiak Networks [VIDEO]

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SaskTel has launched its next generation 4G push-to-talk (4G PTT) service, made possible in part with its partnership with Kodiak Networks. 4G PTT will run over SaskTel’s 4G network which covers 98 per cent of the population. The new service will provide an updated option compared to its 10-4 service on the legacy CDMA network.

“Working closely with Kodiak, we have developed an excellent service for our 4G customers,” said Jason Durant, SaskTel’s acting Chief Marketing Officer, “We expect the transition to be smooth. We will waive any early device upgrade fees for current 10-4 subscribers who are ready to upgrade to the new 4G Push-to-Talk devices so they can continue to enjoy the benefits of push-to-talk.”

As stated, SaskTel will waive early upgrade fees for existing 10-4 customers who wish to upgrade to new 4G PTT devices. The video below explains how SaskTel customers can use their 4G PTT service (a user guide is here):

Earlier this month, Telus launched their own 4G PTT service called Link.