Freedom Mobile is Axing Your Multi-Line Discounts in March

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile is ending its Better Together Savings/Team Saving program starting in March 2019.

Freedom Mobile ceased offering the multi-line discount program to new customers yesterday, and according to documents seen by MobileSyrup, any existing discounts will be removed from customer bills starting on March 3, 2020.

The Better Together Savings programmed offered discounts of $2/month per line for those with two eligible lines, while accounts with five or higher lines would save $5/month per line.

“To support additional investments in improving network and customer experience, we are discontinuing the Better Together Savings/Team Savings program as of March 3, 2020,” said a Freedom Mobile spokesperson in a statement.

The company will start notifying prepaid and postpaid customers at the end of January within MyAccount, while invoices will see messages in February.

The removal of the customer multi-line discount will allow Freedom Mobile to “continue growing our wireless network so Canadians can stay connected in more places, while continuing to provide quality affordable services to our customers.”