Freedom Mobile to Launch Free 90 Day LTE Trials for 3G Customers

Freedom Mobile is set to launch free 90 day LTE trials for its 3G customers, starting Wednesday, September 6, according to documents seen by iPhone in Canada.

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According to Freedom Mobile’s support page, the free 90 day trial will allow customers in Ottawa, Peterborough and Kingston, “some of Freedom’s longest standing customers in these cities,” to use their LTE network at no cost with their existing 3G plans.

Those eligible to participate in this trial will be notified by text message and will require a Band 4 LTE smartphone. Only those with the company for at least 3 years will be eligible.

The company says once the 90 day trial is over, if customers want to continue to use LTE, they will need to switch over to a new LTE rate plan, as “There’s no fee to switch!”.

No word whether this is a free trial for customers to entice them to experience LTE, or to have some users help test out their newly released LTE networks in these cities. Let us know if you end up getting a text message.

Thanks tipster!