Freedom Mobile Offering $45/14GB Friends and Family Plan

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has brought back its Friends and Family promo, offering a special plan for those lucky enough to get a redemption code from a Shaw or Freedom Mobile employee.

The Friends and Family code takes $10 off per month, and if applied to a $60/month plan, it takes the latter down to $50, but once you factor in the $5 off Digital Discount, it becomes $45 per month for 14GB of data.

This $10/month discount is valid for 24 months, essentially offering $240 in savings over two years for new activations. Once 24 months are over, your monthly plan goes back up to $55 per month after Digital Discount.

Shaw and Freedom Mobile employees were given 3 codes to dole out, so you may try reaching out to those in your social circle or beg for one online.

[via RFD]