Freedom Mobile Slams Rogers Weekend Promo as “Bully Tactic” that “Backfired”

This past weekend Rogers flanker brand Fido launched a promotion targeting Freedom Mobile customers, offering a $0 upfront iPhone XR with a $75/10GB plan.

Freedom Mobile responded instantly with their own promo targeting Rogers/Fido users, offering its $0 upfront iPhone XR on $0 MyTab with a $55/15GB plan, savings of $20 per month off its regular price, for a seriously tempting offer.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and now Freedom Mobile’s parent company Shaw has spoken out about the weekend wireless tit-for-tat, telling MobileSyrup the Rogers plan did not work at all, using some tough language.

Paul McAleese, President of Wireless at Shaw Communications, said “This bully tactic just didn’t work. It backfired spectacularly on Rogers.”

According to the Shaw executive, a “sizeable number” of customers left Rogers to join Freedom Mobile, more so than the other way around. He did not go into specifics other than to say the numbers were “not in the hundreds” but higher.

McAleese emphasized Freedom Mobile has the ability the innovate, while incumbents have a “complete lack of innovation for the customer.” He noted how the Big 3 have simply copied a 2-year old Freedom Mobile plan while deploying tactics that are “predatory”, adding “they are targeted and have a bully level of intent.”

Freedom Mobile has nearly 1.6 million wireless subscribers in Canada, versus 10.7 million for Rogers.

Did you switch to Freedom Mobile or Fido on the weekend?