Freedom Mobile 2nd Line Deal: $10/1GB Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text

Freedom Mobile has an in-store deal right now for existing customers looking to add a second line, offering a $10 plan with unlimited nationwide calling, global text and 1GB of data.

In order to qualify for this promotional plan, you need to be an existing Freedom Mobile customer on a $25/month or higher plan. Once you add a second line on Autopay (pre-authorized credit card payments), what becomes available is a $10 plan with 1GB of data ($15 before Autopay). This plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and global text.

The $10/1GB second line plan will remain in place as long as your main line plan remains at $25/month or higher. There’s a limit of one of these plans available for second lines, while there’s also an activation fee when you set this up in store, from what we were told over the phone.

A $10/1GB plan with unlimited calling and text is a decent plan for light usage, possible for kids or an elderly parent looking to get a basic line.