Freedom Mobile Launches ‘Vacation Pass’ to Temporarily Suspend Lines

Freedom Mobile has launched their ‘Vacation Pass’ today, August 27, a service which offers postpaid customers the ability to suspend lines temporarily for $15/month, instead of paying their full monthly plan.

According to documentation seen by iPhone in Canada, the Vacation Pass will let postpaid customers suspend their lines for up to six months per year, which is handy when a customer decides to go travelling or is away for an extended period of time.

To be eligible for Freedom’s Vacation Pass, a customer needs to be a postpaid plan, not have an active Tab, not be a deposit customer and also not be in treatment and/or under credit limit monitoring. Customers who want to use this feature must contact customer care to activate it.

Earlier today, Freedom Mobile told its retail stores it would soon have notices up to let customers know about a data breach that occurred back in the spring, affecting up to 15,000 accounts.