Public Mobile Promo: $45/4GB LTE Plan with Province-Wide Talk, Global Text [u]

It will be a rare sight to see Public Mobile’s popular $38/4GB LTE plan return (after AutoPay), as their prices have increased recently, along with a push towards 3G plans instead of LTE.

But Telus-owned Public Mobile is still battling for customers, as the company has launched some new promo plans, including a $45 plan with 4GB LTE data, unlimited province-wide talk and global text, on a 90 day play, after AutoPay, as seen below:

Screenshot 2017 09 19 09 46 06

This is available via the company’s self-serve page, and the website’s Plans page should be updated shortly. The plan is based on a 9GB LTE data plan, plus a 3GB bonus over 90 days.

According to RFD, there are now lower 30-day plans available as well:

  • $20 province-wide talk with AutoPay
  • $25 province-wide talk and global text with AutoPay
  • $30 province-wide talk, global text and 500MB 3G data (2.5mbps LTE) with AutoPay
  • $35 province-wide talk, global text and 500MB 4G LTE data with AutoPay

Expect an official announcement soon, but for now these options are available once you sign up.

Click here to follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to port your iPhone to Public Mobile. The company also now sells SIM cards at Walmart and WOW mobile stores.

Update: The plan is now live on Public Mobile’s website–and appears to be for Ontario only: