Shaw Announces Faster Fibre+ WiFi Pods (2nd Gen)

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Shaw has announced the launch of its second-generation Fibre+ WiFi Pods for its Western Canadian internet customers.

These updated Fibre+ WiFi Pods which are a whole home mesh Wi-Fi solution, now offer faster speeds and more range than its predecessors—by using a single Pod instead of three like before.

“The launch of next-generation Fibre+ WiFi Pods marks the latest way that Shaw is making superior home connectivity products available to customers. Working with the Shaw Gateway modem, our new Pod provides better in-home WiFi coverage in those hard-to-reach places,” said Paul Deverell, President, Consumer, Shaw Communications, in an emailed statement.

“It means our customers can continue to enjoy ultrafast connectivity — whether they’re streaming videos in the basement, gaming in the family room, or hosting a videoconference meeting in the office.”

This new Fibre+ WiFi Pod now includes a tri-band Wi-Fi radio to deliver faster speeds to devices, plus includes two ethernet ports.

Shaw says the new WiFi Pod is now available today for Fibre+ internet customers in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan, joining Manitoba and Ontario which saw the release back in September 2020.

Fibre+ WiFi pods are available for new and existing customers to rent at $10 per month for the first unit, and $5 per month for an additional device. The new Pods are available for purchase as a standalone device starting at $199 plus taxes.

These are a turn-key mesh Wi-Fi solution for existing Shaw customers. But using a third-party mesh system like Amazon’s new Eero 6 may be a better bet, especially since they’re on sale right now.