Shaw Promo for Freedom Mobile Customers: Internet 100 for $40/Month

Shaw freedom internet 100 offer

Shaw has a “limited time offer” for customers of its subsidiary, Freedom Mobile, if they switch over for home internet.

This online exclusive offer says, “switch to Shaw Internet and save. As a Freedom customer, you have access to this new offer from our friends at Shaw.”

What’s available is Shaw’s Internet 100 on a 2-year ValuePlan contract, which offers up to 100Mbps download and up to 10Mbps upload speeds, and 500GB monthly bandwidth, to go with an advanced WiFi modem rental.

The promo pricing is $40/month for year 1 and $50/month for year 2. Shaw says the regular price is $92 per month.

The current pricing on Shaw’s regular website is $55 for year 1 and $85 on year 2, so the Freedom Mobile offer saves you $600.

If you’re switching over internet to Shaw, you may be better off launching an incognito browser window and heading to this page to get offers not advertised on the company’s regular website.

Here, you’ll see 2-year contract pricing for Internet 300 starting at $60/month for the first year and Internet 600 for $65/month for year one, with $150 credit for online orders. Year 2 pricing for both of these plans are cheaper than Shaw’s regular website. You’ll also see the Freedom Mobile offer listed above here as well.

You could also cold call Shaw and ask for a switcher offer, as you may get a better deal than what’s advertised online.