Shaw Technicians to Guide Installations Over the Phone Due to COVID-19

If you need help from Shaw technicians for home phone, internet or TV, the company has shared an update on its website detailing its best practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep both employees and customers safe.

Shaw says customers can get chat and phone help, but if a technician needs to visit your home, the latter will not be ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door, in order to practice social distancing.

Instead, techs will call customers when they arrive, leave equipment at your doorstep if necessary (such as splitters, coax cables, etc.,) and complete any work required outside. Once that is done, technicians will call customers on the phone to walk customers through any work required inside of the home.

The company explains, “Our techs have awesome virtual tools at their fingertips to give your family the support you need and make sure that we get you connected quickly.  We know how important that is to you and your family, especially today.”

Shaw recently opened up its Shaw GO WiFi network in Western Canada to the public to use for free during COVID-19.

Other telecoms such as Rogers and Telus have also moved to touchless installations due to the coronavirus outbreak.