TekSavvy Launches High-Speed Internet in Western Canada Starting at $23.95 [u]

Teksavvy western canada

TekSavvy has announced its high-speed internet offering has now expanded to Western Canada, now available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, joining Alberta and B.C.

“This westward expansion brings TekSavvy’s award-winning, customer-first internet services to even more Canadian homes,” says Marc Gaudrault, TekSavvy’s founder and CEO, in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada. “Consumers want real choice and competition and we’re happy to provide that with lower prices and more bandwidth.”

As Canada’s largest independent internet service provider, TekSavvy says “customers looking for an alternative to the big guys” now have four different plans to choose from, starting at $23.95 per month, with speeds up to 150 Mbps and unlimited data usage.

“TekSavvy has been proudly serving Canadians for 20 years,” says Gaudrault. “We have an award-winning track record for the quality of our service and our commitment to fighting for Canadians’ rights online.”

For an address located in Victoria, B.C, the following monthly prices are showing on TekSavvy’s website for plans with unlimited bandwidth:

  • Cable 150 Unlimited: $69.95
  • Cable 75 Unlimited: $54.95
  • High Speed DSL 50: $59.95
  • DSL 25 Unlimited: $49.99
  • Cable 25 Unlimited: $37.95
  • DSL 15 Unlimited: $44.99
  • High Speed DSL 6 Unlimited: $34.99
  • Cable 5 Unlimited: $28.95

If you don’t need unlimited data, subtract $5 per month from the prices above for 400GB of monthly bandwidth.

The company says “With TekSavvy, consumers tell us what they want and we work to provide it for them – always free from long term contracts.”

Update: TekSavvy spokesperson told iPhone in Canada today’s announcement is mainly for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, saying:

“TekSavvy service has been quietly available in many markets for some time. Canadians in other regions, like Manitoba and Saskatchewan, are only now learning of the great value and quality service that they can expect from TekSavvy. We have taken our time before making an announcement to ensure that our network, our staff and our partners were ready to provide the kind of award-winning experience that represents who we are.”