TekSavvy Referral Program Offers $120 in Bill Credits for Each Party

TekSavvy announced on Monday it has launched a new referral program in time for the holiday season, offering both parties $120 in bill credits each.

The new “Give $120 and Get $120” program is “about pivoting from spending on unnecessary items to sharing savings between customers and their friends or family,” said a spokesperson in an email to iPhone in Canada. Each party will get a $10 bill credit stretched out over 12 months, for $120 in total bill credits.

TekSavvy announced this to some media through a holiday-related package drop, and in our case, a Kensington Webcam was sent our way.

“Every day TekSavvy continues to push for fair prices and better Internet, taking on the big guys so our customers don’t have to,” said Pierre Aube, Chief Operating Officer for TekSavvy, in an issued statement. “In the spirit of helping out more, we decided to make this holiday shopping period about giving to our customers and their friends and family.”

TekSavvy says this holiday campaign launched on December 1 and runs until January 31, 2023.

“Consumers are sensitive to inflation, shrinkflation and value for services,” added Aube. “So we decided to make this year about community and created a program that people can use to share and save.”

Back in August, TekSavvy urged the Competition Bureau to fight what it called ‘predatory pricing’ by incumbents such as Bell, while also asking why the federal government won’t “enforce the law.”