Telus Customers Threaten to Cancel Contracts Over Political Tweet

Telus tweets will be (or may already be) likely subjected to a content check before they hit the social media platform, as a tweet from last week, which showed support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s price on carbon, may have cost the incumbents a few (or more) subscribers.

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The extent of the damage is yet unknown, but if you are following Telus on Twitter, you may have seen the outrage the following tweet caused: “As a founding member of @smartprosperity, we support @JustinTrudeau & @cathmckenna in putting a #PriceOnCarbon,” Telus’ official Twitter account tweeted on Tuesday night. The tweet included a link to a joint statement from 22 business leaders, including CEO Darren Entwistle, which called carbon pricing the best way to reduce emissions and spark innovation.

It didn’t take long to get a reaction: Hundreds of users shared their dismay and threatened to cancel their Telus contracts. The Financial Post names a few, but it doesn’t give any specific numbers or amount of “damage” caused by the tweet.

Of course, both Bell and Rogers jumped to “help” customers in making a “non-political” choice and monetize the outrage caused by the Telus tweet.

It took seventeen hours for the carrier to apologize in another tweet.

Did you cancel your Telus contract because of that tweet?