Koodo and Virgin Launch $5/Month Wireless Home Phone Promo

If you require a home phone, Koodo and Virgin Mobile have simultaneously discounted their wireless offering to $5 per month for 12 months, instead of the regular rate of $20 per month.

Koodo home phone $5

Koodo and Virgin’s wireless home phone runs on their cellular networks, using a phone hub, which costs $40 (includes SIM card). Since the setup is based on wireless, you can take the Hub anywhere you go in Canada and just plug it into a power outlet, then connect a home phone to it (not included).

The $5 per month plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, voicemail 10, call display, call waiting, conference calling and call forwarding.

For those ordering online with Koodo, the $35 connection fee is waived, unlike buying the Hub in store. Virgin Mobile does not offer the home phone via online orders as it’s only available in-store and comes with a $35 one-time connection charge.

While most people don’t even bother with landlines in 2018, if you require one, $5 per month is not a bad deal, albeit just for 12 months.

[via RFD]