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Koodo Sale: 16GB iPhone 6 for $0 with Minimum $69 Tab Plus Plan

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Koodo has discounted the 16GB iPhone 6 for $0 on contract with a Tab Plus plan, or $144 with a Tab plan, which means the device will cost $504 after two years, cheaper than getting it from Apple.

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Fido and Virgin currently offer the 16GB iPhone 6 for $99 with a minimum Max (starts at $85/month) or Platinum plan (starts at $65/month).

Koodo also offers this iPhone 6 for $144 on a Tab subsidy, with plans starting at $35 (or $25/month for a 100 minutes/messaging promo plan) with 100MB of data. The subsidy works out to $360, which you will repay over 24 months at $15/month.

If you get a Tab Plus plan and pay $0 up front, plans start at $69 per month with unlimited minutes and 1GB of data. The subsidy works out to $504, which you will pay back over 24 months at $21/month.

In both scenarios, the device will end up costing you $504 after your term, which is $265 cheaper than buying the device from Apple (or $205 after paying $50 to unlock the phone).

The offer is only available in stores, but should be available at other Koodo Mobile dealers like Best Buy, etc. Do note Koodo has a double referral credit offer for the month of March, so if you sign up under someone, you’ll also get $50 in bill credit, making this a bit sweeter (that could cover your unlocking cost).

While the ‘iPhone 7’ will most likely grace us this fall, those waiting to upgrade to an iPhone 6 (and who don’t upgrade often) may find this deal warm.

[via RFD]

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