Koodo iPhone XR Sale: $680 on Tab Large Contract, Save $380

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Koodo is offering discounts on Apple’s iPhone XR, with the device available for $680 on a Tab Large contract.

Right now, Koodo sells the iPhone XR for $1,060 as their outright retail price, but on Tab Large, there’s a $330 discount available. So that means you pay $200 upfront, plus $480 on your Tab ($20 paid for 24 months).

Tab Large plans start at $80 per month with 4GB of data, but Koodo is also currently offering a promo where you can get $10 off per month for 12 months, or $120 in credits.

Koodo also has a discount on the 64GB iPhone XR under Tab Medium, which works out to $350 upfront plus a $360 tab ($15 paid for 24 months), for a total of $710. Medium Tab plans start at $55 with 4GB of data.

If you’re not happy with your iPhone XR contract, the Wireless Code of Conduct says you can cancel at anytime, as long as your repay your hardware subsidies, which in this case would be $680 for the 64GB iPhone XR on a Tab Large, for example.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping on an iPhone XR from Koodo…be aware Apple is expected to debut new iPhones this fall, but if you don’t need the latest and greatest, the XR is still a very capable phone.

[via RFD]