Telus-Owned Koodo to Revamp Tab System Down to Three Options

Koodo tab july 1

Telus-owned Koodo appears to be launching a revised Tab system, according to documents seen by iPhone in Canada.

The simplified Tab system will be reduced down to three new options that will let customers balance upfront costs with monthly Tab payments. The Koodo Tab is essentially an upfront loan you repay back over 24 months, when upgrading to a new smartphone.

The new Tab options are as follows, based on a chart detailing the new changes:

  • Tab Plus – up to $792; monthly tab charge: up to $33
  • Tab Mid – up to $360; monthly tab charge: up to $15
  • Tab Basic – up to $240; monthly tab charge: up to $10

For the minimum rate plan across Canada (excluding Quebec), you’ll need $45 for Tab Plus and Tab Mid, while Tab Basic requires at least a $35/month plan.

In Quebec, the minimum rate plan for Tab Plus and Tab Mid is $35/month, while Tab Basic is $30/month.

Despite the Tab simplification, bring your own device will of course remain.

Currently, Koodo has four Tabs:

  • Tab Small – up to $240
  • Tab Medium – up to $360
  • Tab Large – up to $480
  • Tab Extra Large – up to $720

Based on the upcoming Tab changes, which are said to launch sometime around July 5 or July 6, the Tab Large option look like it will disappear, while the new Tab Plus tier sees a $72 increase in loan amount.

Flagship smartphone prices continue to remain high and these Tab plans allow customers to reduce upfront costs, but repay amounts over 24 months.