Koodo Offering $43/15GB Promo Plan at Select Locations: ‘Plus We’ll Plant a Tree’

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Image via RFD user ‘StormJG’

Koodo retail locations in Ontario and B.C. are offering up a promotional bring your own device (BYOD) plan right now, at $43 with 15GB of data.

According to a picture of a poster first shared on RFD, the plan notes $43 with 15GB data and Koodo says “plus we’ll plant a tree” through Green Mobile. The plan includes the usual unlimited Canada-wide minutes and International messaging, plus $130/1GB data overages.

iPhone in Canada has learned the $43/15GB plan is the current $58/15GB promo plan offered by Koodo, Fido and Virgin, but with extra credits for 24 months.

New Koodo customers will pay $43 for the first 12 months ($15/month off), and then $48 for the next 12 months ($10/month off), for $300 in savings after two years. But you’ll need to pay the $50 connection fee, so you’re only at $250 saved.

Another option customers have is to get $10/month credits for 24 months we’re told, but with the $50 connection fee waived, resulting in $240 in savings over two years. It’s up to you to decide which option is better, for these BYOD plans.

Koodo’s refer-a-friend program right now has also been boosted to $50 each for participants, which can help “offset” the $50 connection fee, we were told.

So far, Koodo kiosks locations in Toronto, Richmond Hill and North York and in Richmond, B.C., have confirmed to be offering the $43/15GB plan.