Koodo Offering Promo Plans for Existing Customers, Check Your Account

If you’re a customers with Telus flanker brand Koodo, you may want to check your account online for some special offers.

According to users on RFD, here are some examples of promo plans being offered:

  • $45/8GB
  • $50/12GB
  • $55/16GB
  • $60/20GB
  • $70/30GB

These plans include unlimited minutes and international messaging and up to $100 in bill credit.

One user was on a $50/9GB plan with Koodo and saw the $50/12GB plan being offered, along with $55/16GB. This is one of those ‘your mileage may vary’ (YMMV) situations.

Again, these promos aren’t showing up for everyone, but it may be worth your time to log in and see what’s being offered, if you’re trying to get a better plan with Koodo.

Earlier this week, some Koodo customers received a message from the company that offered a 10GB extra monthly data freebie.

Back in April, we told you Koodo had quietly increased the price of additional data to $130 for 1GB, a change made in February as confirmed by the company.