Koodo Prepaid Entry $15 Plan Now Includes 250MB LTE Data [u]

koodo prepaid base plan

Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile has updated their entry $15 prepaid plan to now include 250MB of LTE data.

For light mobile users out there, if you were on this $15 prepaid plan, it’s time to update so you can get your included 250MB of data.

Koodo also says right now, “For a limited time, get a free 100 minute Canada-wide Talk Booster add-on when you register your credit card or Visa Debit card on your Koodo Prepaid Self Serve account.” Booster add-ons do not expire and roll over to the next month—including U.S. roaming add-ons.

Comparable plans are available from Public Mobile at $15/250MB 3G data ($13 after Autopay) and Lucky Mobile at $15/250MB 3G data with 100 Canada-wide minutes. Chatr’s $15 plan with 100 minutes does include 250MB data after Autopay as well (updated).

If you’re looking for a basic prepaid plan with LTE data for your kids or spare cellphone, this plan is one to add to the consideration list.

[via RFD]