Koodo Refurbished iPhone 8 Available for $360 on Tab Medium

Koodo refurb iphone 8

If you’re looking for an iPhone 8, you may want to consider a certified pre-owned model from Telus flanker brand Koodo, which are models used for less than 30 days.

Right now, these refurbished iPhone 8 models are available online for $0 upfront on a Tab Medium plan two-year contract.

The iPhone 8 retails for $800 outright, but Tab Medium comes with $440 in activation credits, so you end up paying $360 only for the phone.

The cheapest Tab Medium plan right now is $45 per month (plus $15/mo tab charge x 24 months), while online activations include a free SIM card and a waived $35 activation fee.

If you decide you don’t want Koodo service anymore, you have 15 days to change your mind. Also, the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct offers you the right to cancel your service without paying a penalty. So that means just paying back the iPhone 8 subsidy of $360 plus prorated days and any applicable tax.

Currently, Vancouver Craigslist has people selling new iPhone 8 models for about $700 or so. Getting a refurbished model from Koodo is possible here for half the price, plus avoiding any shady back alley transactions on a potentially blacklisted device.

[via RFD]