Koodo Mobile Retentions Offer: $54/10GB Plan with Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling

The Koodo Mobile Retentions department is offering some customers a $54/10GB plan to retain their business. The Retentions department, for those unaware, is the last line of defence for the company, before customers cancel their business. This department usually can offer better plans and customized deals, compared to regular front-line agents.

According to RFD, the discounted plan is actually the popular $60/10GB unlimited Canada-wide calling plan, but with a 10% discount ($6) applied, taking it down to $54 per month.

RFD user ‘RunnerForDeals’ said their original intention was to cancel their Koodo Mobile line, and switch over to the Public Mobile $40/4.5GB plan. But the Koodo Retentions department offered the $54/10GB plan—available for the life of the plan—which resulted in nobody leaving the company.

The $54/10GB plan is also eligible for Tab Small as well.

If you’re looking to speak with Koodo Mobile retentions, here is a shortcut to avoid long waits on the phone, and instead speak to an agent in a couple of minutes instead:

Call in to 1 (866) 995-6636
Press 1 for English.
Press 1 for Activate a new Device
Press 0 to connect directly with an agent
You will be transferred to a front line agent in about 30 – 90 seconds.
Tell them you are looking to cancel
They will Authenticate you and your account
They will transfer you to a supervisor.

If you were thinking of ditching Koodo Mobile, it might be worth your time to call their Retentions department and see what they can offer, before you actually cancel.