Koodo SMS Offer: 4GB Data Add-On for $10 or 10GB Data for $14

Telus flanker brand Koodo has been sending out text message offers to some customers, mentioning “give your phone the gift of data.”

Some customers have been receiving texts offering the following monthly data add-ons:

  • $10/month for 4GB
  • $14/month for 10GB

Koodo says customers can jump on these promos by replying “ADD” or “DATA” to the text message. Both promotional offers end on August 2, 2019.

Koodo text offer

Some existing customers receiving this plan are currently on Koodo’s $50/4GB plan with 400 minutes or $40/6GB plan for example. By having customers purchase promotional data add-ons, Koodo can drive up average revenue per user metrics for parent company Telus.

The full text of the offer can be seen below:

Hey ___, give your phone the gift of data.
Get an additional 4GB of data for $10/month, or get 10GB of data for $14/month.
Reply ADD to get our 4GB deal or reply DATA to get our 10GB deal.
Promo is available only on select rate plans.
Offer ends August 2, 2019. You’re included on the list for Koodo offers and deals.

Let us know if you received this offer from Koodo.

[via RFD]