Koodo is Waiving Tab Balances for Select Customers in Latest Text Offer

The latest targeted offer from Koodo sent via text message to select customers says they’ll waive your existing Tab balance, if you sign a new contract with the company.

“Wave goodby to your Tab fee,” says Koodo, adding “we’ve got some great news just for you. If you renew with Koodo by May 31, 2019 we’ll waive your Tab balance.”

Recipients of this text message are told to visit Koodo Self Serve to learn more, with the offer expiring May 31, 2019.

According to RFD, the Koodo customer who received this text says they have two accounts with the company, with Tab balances of $225 and $120 remaining. When Koodo says they need to “renew” to get the promo, that means upgrading to a new smartphone on a two-year contract.

Another user who received the same text message, said contacting Koodo on Twitter resulted in a similar promo being added to their account, allowing for 100% of their current Tab being paid for, if an upgrade was performed online, with a 90-day expiry for the offer (instead of May 31, 2019).

While waiving a Tab balance may save you money, upgrading to a newer phone may result in a plan change, depending on the device you choose. If you’re able to upgrade to a phone for $0 upfront and remain on the same Tab tier and plan, you could sell the new phone and use the funds to partially offset your 24-month term.

Let us know if you received this text message offer from Koodo and if you’ll be upgrading.