Saskatchewan, Manitoba, No iPhone For You!

With the great news that the iPhone was coming to TELUS and then TELUS eliminating the SAF, there just had to be some bad news in there somewhere.

According to a TELUS email sent out to promotional subscribers, customers living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba will NOT be getting the iPhone 3G/3GS on launch day.

No Telus

The only reason I can imagine this would happen is because the TELUS HSPA+ network is not as ready Canada-wide as TELUS makes it out to be.

This also begs the question if the new Apple Store in Winnipeg will be carrying the TELUS iPhone 3G/3GS or does that TELUS email mean that no store, TELUS or Apple, will have it? Hmm. Here’s hoping that at the very least the Apple Store will have it. For folks in Saskatchewan, you may have to drive to Winnipeg or Calgary/Edmonton for an Apple Store.

I guess there always Bell, Rogers, and Fido to choose from.