TELUS to Invest $2.1 Billion in Ontario, Upgrade All Wireless Sites to 4G LTE

TELUS continues to announce how it will spend to improve its infrastructure and services across Canada, as today it detailed how it will invest $2.1 billion across Ontario through 2018.

Part of the investment will upgrade all wireless sites to 4G LTE to bring faster speeds and improved coverage. The company details how its recent wireless spectrum acquisitions have expanded well over 60 percent in Ontario.

The expenditures will similarly go towards continued deployment of its 700MHz spectrum and also towards planning of how to implement its AWS-3 spectrum.

Joe Natale, President and CEO of TELUS added in a statement “By the end of 2018, TELUS will have invested more than $42 billion in Ontario since 2000 to further extend our advanced telecommunications infrastructure and healthcare services, helping fuel the province’s economic growth by ensuring sustained innovation and job creation.”

TELUS previously detailed how it would spend $4.2 billion in Alberta and $4 billion in BC, which would also see upgrades to all wireless sites as part of its capital expenditures.