Telus Offering Promo $65/20GB BYOD Plan in Vancouver

Telus $65 20gb vancouver

If you’re in Metro Vancouver, you may want to check out the following promo plan being offered at Richmond Centre.

According to RFD, the Telus kiosk at Richmond Centre (located by Uniqlo) is advertising a promo $65/20GB BYOD plan, with unlimited talk and text and for new customers only.

While this looks like an exclusive offer, the plan appears to be only for those with an existing Telus Internet plan. According to the Telus website, if you bundle your residential home internet with mobile, you can get a $10/month discount for 24 months.

So taking this into consideration, that $10 applied to a $75/20GB Peace of Mind unlimited data plan, will bring it down to $65/20GB per month. Currently, the ‘Big 3’ are all offering a $75/20GB promo plan, which is $20 off the regular price of $95.

Again, if you’re an existing Telus Internet customer and are looking to sign up with Telus for wireless services, a $65/20GB BYOD plan for 24 months may be worth considering.