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TELUS Adds New $30 “Promo Voice & Messaging” Plan To Existing Promotional Plans

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This week, TELUS introduced a new $30 promotional plan for a limited time. The offer is added to the company’s existing set of promotional plans for iPhones, smartphones and other devices.

The main feature that stands out is the plan includes both voicemail and caller display for free.

The included features are:


  • 200 Anytime Minutes
  • Unlimited Evenings from 6PM & Weekends
  • Pay-per-use Data
  • Unlimited Text/Picture/Video Messages From Canada To Canada
  • Voicemail 3 & Caller Display

As seen by the lack of a data plan, the offer is not ideal for iPhones. However for iPhone users who don’t require data, it’s alright. Otherwise TELUS has higher priced offers that include full tiered data plans.

The plan is available on monthly, one, two, and three-year terms, with full sudsidy pricing for iPhones on three-terms only. The plan is set expire on May 31, 2012.


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