Telus: Data Plans No Longer Required For Discount iPhone Pricing

Also this week, aside from the 6GB and other new data plans, Telus made a phenomenal industry-changing update.

The big news is that with Telus, data plans are no longer a requirement to get promotional pricing on various Telus devices, including the iPhone. For example, instead of having to get a $50 combined voice and data plan, you could now get JUST a $50 voice plan and still quality for promotional pricing for an iPhone ($159/$269).

The point is, as long as the plan and add-ons total at least $50/month, data plan included or not, the customer receives promotional pricing! So you could have a $30 voice plan, $15 for Caller ID and unlimited text messages and $5 for monthly long distance for a grand total of $50/month and receive the full iPhone discount.

Also, keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Once promotional pricing is received, the customer must keep their plan at least $50/month for the entire 3-year term or pay additional fees. If the total plan drops below $50, customers are charged half of their device balance, which could amount to a few hundred dollars.
  • Not all add-ons qualify to create promotional pricing as part of the at least $50/month service fee. Those ineligible add-ons include auto-expiry features, 911 fees, paper bill fees, various administrative fees, pay per use charges, late fees and taxes.