Telus Enables Earlier Renewals With “Anytime Upgrades”

Last November, Telus introduced a new upgrade policy that enabled Telus customers to renew their contract early and get a new device earlier than normal, but pay a fee for the convenience.

Normally, Telus customers must wait until the end of their current contract term to receive promotional pricing on a handset renewal/upgrade. After the policy change, by paying the “Early Device Upgrade” fee, users can get a new device at promotional pricing earlier.

Early Device Upgrade Fee

For those that do not know this policy, I’ll summarize here.

The new early upgrade fee is calculated using the discount you originally received when your contract began and then multiplying the number of months remaining on your contract. In other words, the longer you wait, the lower your fee will be, but if you want to upgrade early, you pay regardless.

The new upgrade fee first depends on which device you have and then on how many months are remaining in your current contract term. For example:

  • If you have a “premium” phone, such as an iPhone, then your Early Device Upgrade Fee is $15.00 x number of months remaining in the contract. On top of this, you pay the promotional pricing for your intended device on a 3-year term.

So for example, if you had a iPhone 4 with Telus with 8 months left in the contract and wanted to upgrade early to an iPhone 5, you would pay:

  • Months remaining: 8 months x $15.00 (premium phone fee) = $120.00
  • New device cost: iPhone 5 16GB (regular 3-year price) = $159.00
  • Total paid: $279.00 on a 3-year Voice & Data plan

Within First Six Months? Ineligible. Not anymore!

One of the major restrictions at the time was that consumer accounts within six months of the start of their contract were ineligible. In other words, if you wanted to get a new phone during the first six months of your new/renewed Telus contract, you had to wait.

To change this restriction, Telus has now introduced “Anytime Upgrades” which basically eliminates that six month restriction. As a Telus user, you can now renew your contract anytime and get a new device, but you will pay the early device upgrade fee.

So this policy changes doesn’t make things cheaper for you, but it will grant you the flexibility of upgrading earlier.