Telus EPP Promo: $64/20GB Unlimited Data Plan for BYOD and More

Telus has discounted its employee pricing plans (EPP) for bring your own device (BYOD) customers, offering 20% savings on select plans such as its Peace of Mind offerings.

You can get the $80/20GB ‘unlimited’ data Peace of Mind plan for $64, while the 10GB plan is available for $60 per month. It’s worth noting the previous EPP discount was at $63.75 for the 20GB plan, so the price increased by a quarter.

These plans include unlimited nationwide calling and texting, plus usual extras like caller ID and voicemail. Data beyond your allotted limit is throttled to 512 Kbps. Visual Voicemail for iPhone is $5/month while Voicemail to Text is $2/month.

Do note there is a $40 activation fee per line, however, it is possible for reps to waive this fee if you ask.

How to get these Telus EPP plans? You’ll need to talk to your employer and see if they offer employee plans through Telus.

[via RFD]