TELUS Retail Adds ‘Health Tech Trainers’ to Serve Wearable Tech Users

TELUS has announced its TELUS Learning Centres have expanded, now added new Health Tech Trainers to its 340+ stores across Canada, to specifically support customers on wearable technology, according to a release sent via email:

Recognizing the demand for wearables and the need for education around how they work and what type to choose, TELUS has expanded its TELUS Learning Centre to offer trained health tech learning sessions to its customers.

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These employees have undergone “specific training on wearable technology and can provide customized, one-on-one training sessions to help customers get the most out of their wearable tech.”

Essentially, these Health Tech Trainers will help customers from start to finish on how to use their wearable and integrate it with their smartphone, and maximize health data tracked. The TELUS Learning Centre allows customers to book free in-store sessions for one-on-one training.

Nielson’s recent Connected Life study estimated 18% percent of Canadians already own a wearable device, with 20 percent intending to buy one in 2015 (Apple Watch anyone?).