TELUS Launches New International Travel Passes, Europe Passes Updated

TELUS has launched new International Travel Passes for East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand, which the company says via email has “savings up to 90 per cent off regular pay-per-use rates,” offering “more value while staying connected.”

Passes start at $30 which includes text messages only, moving up to $150 for 150 minutes, 300 texts and 700MB of data. All plans include unlimited incoming texts.

Screenshot 2015 05 27 09 01 16

The company’s Europe Travel Passes have been updated which include a price drop for text messages, some additional minutes and extra data. TELUS says the most travelled countries its customers go to include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

As you can see below, the updated Europe Travel Passes closely mirror the new International Passes above, except these ones offer slightly more text messages and data, with TELUS echoing the same similar savings of “up to 90 per cent off” regular pay per use rates:

Screenshot 2015 05 27 09 01 24

If you have an unlocked iPhone, popping in a local SIM card is definitely the best value when traveling. But for those that absolutely need to keep their number, these passes are something to consider versus pay per use rates.