TELUS Internet 250 Launches in Penticton, Naramata and West Bench

TELUS has launched Internet 250 in Penticton, Naramata and West Bench, now offering customers 250 Mbps upload and download speeds. The upgrade is part of the company’s $26.5 million investment promise last year to connect over 90 per cent of the region with fibre optic. TELUS says a complete rollout is slated by the end of 2017.

Tony Geheran, TELUS Executive Vice-President and President of Broadband Networks, said in a statement, “As technology evolves, the network we are building today will be equipped to keep pace and offer even faster speeds. This places Penticton, Naramata and West Bench at the forefront of the digital revolution, and gives the communities a true competitive advantage.”

TELUS says it is knocking on doors in the area to get residents to connect to their fibre network, for free, with no obligation to sign up for TELUS services once the installation is finished. The company claims direct fibre “can increase the value of a home by up to three per cent.”

Penticton, Naramata and West Bench also have 4K TV from TELUS, with 4K PVRs available free on two-year contracts.

TELUS says over 50 communities in B.C. now have PureFibre network access, as part of the company’s $4.5 billion investment pledge in BC from 2016 to 2019.