TELUS Landline Calls from Squamish to Whistler, Vancouver Go Free Starting Nov. 5

TELUS has announced today landline calls from Squamish to Whistler and Metro Vancouver will no longer be charged long distance and will be free, starting November 5.

The company says the decision to eliminate long distance charges was based on the fact Squamish is booming and more calls are being made to those in the Lower Mainland by both families and businesses.

Lisa LaMothe, TELUS general manager for Squamish said in a statement “Eliminating long distance charges for calls from Squamish to Metro Vancouver and Whistler will make life easier for families and businesses. This is another example of TELUS’ commitment to putting our customers first.”

Dan McRae, Economic Development Officer, District of Squamish, applauded the move to say “The elimination of long distance charges will help support local businesses in their operations, making a positive impact on their bottom line.”

Once the changes kick into effect on November 5, users no longer will be required to dial “1” or “0” to complete their calls to Whistler or Metro Vancouver.