TELUS My Account for iPhone Updated with “20% More Awesomeness”

If you’ve been having issues with TELUS My Account for iPhone, the latest update addresses the company’s Data Manager, making it more reliable, while the Usage section is now “crash-resistant”, says the company.

Also, TELUS also says the app has “20% more awesomeness”, without going into detail on what this ‘awesomeness’ entails (let us know if you find out).

Last month, the app gained an update to let customers easily add or remove Easy Roam.

The TELUS My Account for iPhone has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars in iTunes, the highest rating compared to MyRogers (2 stars out of 5) and MyBell Mobile (2 stars out of 5).

However, while the TELUS My Account app flourishes in the App Store, the company ended its Koodo Self Serve iPhone app last month, replacing the latter with a mobile site instead.

Click here to download TELUS My Account for iPhone in the App Store.