Telus Offers Free 6PM Evenings On iPhone Clear Choice Plans

Effective December 11, 2009, new Telus customers that sign up on any Clear Choice iPhone plan will receive 6PM evenings for free ($7 value). The promotion expires January 1, 2010.

The bonus is available on the following 3-year term iPhone plans:

  • Clear Choice $50
  • Clear Choice $65
  • Clear Choice $80
  • Clear Choice $100

All new activations will have the 6PM Early Evening Calling bonus automatically added upon activation.

Existing Telus Customers

The promotion is also available to existing customers.

What this means is that existing customers must be on a Clear Choice iPhone plan (dumping your current plan if applicable) and renew their plan term for 3 years (does not affect hardware upgrade date). After the plan changes, the 6PM Early Evening Calling code and the discount code will be applied manually for existing customers.

If you are looking to get 6PM evenings for free, now would be a good time.