Telus To Unlock Devices Beginning February 15 For $50

This week, Telus announced that the wireless company will be unlocking their IDEN/HSPA+ devices as of February 15, 2011 for a $50 fee.

At first glance, this seems similar to the Rogers/Fido unlocking policy, but there is one major difference. The Telus unlocking policy is more flexible, not requiring customers to be on their contract for the full three year term before allowing the unlock.

Device unlocking applies to TELUS postpaid SIM -based devices that operate on the Telus IDEN and HSPA+ postpaid networks and meet the following conditions:

  • The device must be in post-paid (paying a monthly bill or on a contract. Not a Pay and Talk customer) status for a minimum of 90 days.
  • The device must be in post-paid status for a minimum of 90 days.
  • The last three (3) consecutive bills must have been paid in full.
  • The account cannot be delinquent.
  • The account must in an active status.
  • Agree to $50 unlock fee applied and billed to clients account.

Also, the initial eligible device list will not include the iPhone, but it is in the pipeline.

Remember that this policy does not void your contract. Paying $50 just unlocks the device, but the contract will remain. Having the device unlocked provides users with more flexibility in terms of choosing a wireless carrier when traveling, for example.

So far, the major carriers, such as Rogers, Fido, and Telus, all have an unlocking policy, with Telus being the most lucrative for customers. At this time, Bell has not said if it too will have an unlocking policy.