Telus ‘Unlimited’ Plans in Quebec Now Start at $75/10GB Instead of 15GB

Telus Peace of Mind plans offer ‘unlimited’ data as no overage charges apply, only a throttling of data speeds to 512 Kbps beyond allowed limits.

In Quebec, these debuted at $75/15GB, but in a recent change, Telus has the starting plan at $75/10GB, just like the rest of Canada.

Also, a new promo targeting new online phone activations (not available in Quebec) offers to waive the $35 activation fee, while offering a $65 bill credit over two months.

Another change is the reduction of the company’s Nationwide Talk and Text plan, now starting at $40 per month (save $5).

Telus recently updated its mobile app to allow customers to track data usage within Peace of Mind plans.

[via MobileSyrup]