Videotron Launches Helix IPTV Entertainment Platform

Videotron has today announced the launch of its ‘Helix’ platform, its IPTV solution that combines a voice remote, smart Wi-Fi, and the ability to integrate automation features according to the user’s needs and lifestyles.

“Helix will soon play a major role in Québec households,” notes the company. With Helix, users can use a single word to perform a centralized search across recordings, TV channels, On Demand content as well as content from online streaming platforms like Club illico or Netflix.

Videotron announced a partnership with Comcast in 2017 to use the latter’s Infinity X1 platform for IPTV. Last fall, the company announced Helix was coming in 2019.

“It’s a big day for Videotron. Today, we’re launching a brand new entertainment platform and, very soon, a connected living experience. By consistently innovating and listening to consumers’ needs, we’re always offering the best customer experience. I believe Quebecers will not only adopt Helix quickly, they won’t be able to live without it!” said Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO, Videotron, in a statement.

Videotron says it has worked with its teams and partners to teach Helix how to recognize French from everywhere. The Helix Fi Gateway continuously optimizes Helix’s high-performance Wi-Fi network to ensure users always get the best performance and coverage.

At the same time, Videotron has announced two new smartphone apps:

  • Helix Fi lets you control your home Wi-Fi network. Set time restrictions for your children’s Internet use or quickly and easily disconnect a device from the network. In addition, the Helix Fi app will soon let you control your household’s smart devices.
  • Helix lets users control their cloud DVR remotely, watch live TV and a ton of On Demand content anytime, anywhere, even on the train.

Comcast’s X1 platform is also used by Rogers for Ignite TV and Shaw’s BlueSky TV.

You can learn more about Helix over at Videotron’s website.