Videotron Promo: 2 for 1 iPhone X with 2-Year Contracts [u]

Is this the first time we’ve seen a ‘2 for 1 offer’ on Apple’s latest iPhone? Quebec carrier Videotron has launched a promo offering 2 for 1 iPhone X, if two 24-month contracts are signed:

For a limited time, get two identical-capacity iPhone X devices for the price of one with two 24-month agreements.

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Pricing starts at $67.95 per month on a 4GB plan with unlimited calling and texting in Canada for a 64GB iPhone X.

The 2 for 1 offer is not just limited to iPhone X, as it applies to iPhone 7 models and newer.

Update: According to page 2 of the fine print, this deal is only available if both subscribers are paying a minimum of $107.95 per month. This post has been updated accordingly.

According to the detailed math compiled by RFD user aerohead888–here’s a scenario of what you could expect to pay and save with 256GB iPhone X models on the $68/4GB plan:

I priced out 2 iPhone X’s 256GB on the 4GB/month plan. $1099 plus tax for the two phones and $68/month per line.
MSRP is $1530 each. so 1530 X 2 – 1099 = $1961 savings over buying them outright.

Multiline discounts will help reduce the month plan costs.
i.e. we have 4 lines bringing the monthly plan to 68 – 15 = $53/month per line
Total would be 2 X 53 X 24 + 1099 = 3643 plus taxes.
Essentially 3643 – 3060 (retail MSRP for 2 phones) = $583 for 2 years of 4GB/month service ($12.15 per month per line paying MSRP)

two lines would be 68 – 5 = 64/month per line
Total would be 2 X 63 X 24 + 1099 = 4123 plus taxes.
4123 – 3060 = 1063 or 22.15/month per line

Let the iPhone bashing begin.

For those thinking about signing up outside Quebec, nice try, because Videotron requires 50% of your usage to be in Quebec.

If you’re seeking out an iPhone X, the 2 for 1 offer is enticing since the latter is an expensive phone. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.