Videotron Promo: $29/4GB Plan for Those with 4 Lines Or More

Videotron has 2GB data bonus promo right now, which was recently extended to the base $44.95 per month plan with 2GB data, which includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and text.

Videotron 2GB data promo

So what does this mean? If you sign up for this $44.95 BYOD plan, and also have multiple lines on your account, you can save more.

  • If you have 2 lines, you save $5 off per line
  • If you have 3 lines, you save $10 off per line
  • If you have 4 or more lines, you save $15 off per line

So for families of four or more, having four lines with this $44.95 plan means saving $15 off each line, taking down the price to $29.95 per line, per month, with 4GB of data (2GB + 2GB bonus).

One RFD users said, “I just contacted Videotron chat, if you currently have 4x 64.95 6gb plans (or 67.95$ 6gb premium plans), you can switch to 4gb plan for 29$ and keep all your rebates!”

Regardless, if you’re on this base plan of $44.95 per month, call in (or chat) and switch to this promo plan to gain an additional 2GB of data.

[via RFD]