WIND Mobile to Sell iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards for $25 on June 14

Back in late March after T-Mobile announced they would be selling an AWS iPhone 5, WIND Mobile quickly told its customers “stay tuned”, as this new model iPhone 5 would be compatible on their network.

We’ve already seen images of AWS iPhone 5 users on WIND Mobile’s network, but now the company has announced they will be selling nano SIM cards for $25 as of tomorrow at WIND stores, as confirmed by the following tweet by WIND’s customer service account:

Others have also noticed WIND Mobile responding to people on their Facebook page about the upcoming sale of WIND nano SIMs as well. For those lucky enough to have AWS iPhone 5 models so far (Apple retail has been handing out AWS warranty units), these factory nano SIMs mean you won’t need to cut your original SIM card anymore.

Screen Shot 2013 06 13 at 5 32 49 PM

Let us know if you’re going to picking up a WIND Mobile nano SIM card tomorrow!

Thanks @KusunokiMusashi, Stefan!