Xplornet Acquires Brant Fibre Optics to Expand Coverage in Rural Ontario

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Xplornet announced on Tuesday it has acquired Brant Fibre Optics, located in Brant County just west of Hamilton, Ontario.

According to Xplornet, acquiring the fibre assets from Brant Fibre Optics will allow it to accelerate its deployment in Brant County and other businesses in southwestern Ontario.

“The acquisition of Brant Fibre Optics is an important milestone in our continued focus on increasing our fibre footprint across Ontario to provide our customers with faster speeds and increased bandwidth,” said Bill Macdonald, Executive Vice-President, Xplornet Communications Inc., in a statement. “Xplornet’s enterprise customers will also benefit from an expanded network that offers reliability and scalability as their business connectivity needs change.”

“As a wholly-owned corporation of the County of Brant, Brant Municipal Enterprises Inc. (BME) grew the Brant Fibre Optic network over the past eight years to provide high-speed telecommunication services in previously underserved areas throughout the County. BME saw this as an opportune time to sell the fibre network to an organization positioned to expand the existing fibre optic backbone directly to more homes and businesses throughout Brant County,” said Brooke Hayward, Chief Executive Officer, Brant Municipal Enterprises, in a statement.

According to BME, proceeds from the sale will be invested in local initiatives such as healthcare and affordable housing.

Xplornet and its agreement with Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) is laying fibre to serve over 8,000 homes and businesses in Brant, Grey, Bruce and Middlesex counties.