Xplornet Says Technicians Still Need to Enter Homes for Installs During COVID-19

New Brunswick-based Xplornet has provided an update on how it will be handling new installs of its internet, home phone and other services. The company clarified they will still need to enter customer homes for new installs, which may be troublesome during social distancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

An update shared yesterday by Xplornet says, “Our product requires an installer to enter the home. We know this is far from ideal during this time of social distancing but rest assured, our operations team has put multiple safety measures in place to protect the health and safety of our customers and field technicians.”

As for steps Xplornet will take, the company emphasized the following:

  • new rigour surrounding reporting personal illness
  • frequency of hand-washing
  • sanitization of vehicles and hardware
  • use of verbal greetings in lieu of handshakes
  • teams will also be asking screening questions at the time of booking and just prior to install

“Limited contact will be the new norm for the near future,” says Xplornet, adding they are “encouraging” their field technicians to deal with service call repairs outside of homes, when possible.

“For new installations, we will request customer assistance with connecting inside equipment and the technicians will do their utmost to install your service quickly,” added Xplornet.

Other companies such as Shaw, Telus and Rogers have shifted to having virtual installations or guided help over the phone or video chat for installations. During COVID-19, customers and technicians definitely will be hesitant to have to work together inside a home.

Xplornet, like other telecoms in Canada, has waived data overages for residential customers, with the company’s end date set for April 30, 2020.