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Zoomer Wireless Shares Black Friday Deals for 2019

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Zoomer wireless black friday

Zoomer Wireless has released some Black Friday ‘deals’ for 2019, offering a variety of plans with mixed amounts of minutes, texts and data.

Here’s the monthly pricing below–all plans can get basic smartphones for $0 upfront on two-year terms:

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  • $16.20 (save $1.80) – 120 minutes, 120 messages
  • $22.50 (save $2.50) – 300 minutes, unlimited messages
  • $28.80 (save $3.20) – 200 minutes, unlimited messages, 1.2GB data
  • $36 (save $4) – 400 minutes, unlimited messages, 4GB data
  • $40 (save $4.50) – 500 minutes, unlimited messages, 4GB data
  • $54 (save $6) – 800 minutes, unlimited messages, 5GB data

These plans are alright, but not as good a promo from September which saw a $54/month plan with 7GB data and unlimited calling and texting.

Zoomer Wireless is owned by Citifone, with the latter a subsidiary of Rogers, which operates the LTE network for Zoomer customers.

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